Veja Trainers – Best Purchase of 2019?

All about transparency, organic materials and fair trade sources, Veja is a brand I have only recently come across but have very quickly fallen in love with their shoes. Sleek and elegant yet youthful, and most importantly they are bloody comfy.

They match perfectly with my Lazy Oaf rainbow coat and my LuLu Guinness handbag.

I purchased mine from a local boutique store for £96. This is quite a lot for me to splash out for a pair of trainers but my day job doesn’t require me to dress to smartly so jeans, a comfy T-shirt and a nice pair of trainers is my go-to outfit and these work perfectly with my wardrobe. (I am well aware that in this isn’t really a huge amount to spend and they are no Balenciaga sneakers but this is probably the most $$$ i’ve spent on some. )

There were quite a few styles that I liked mainly the V-10 EXTRA WHITE PEKIN EMERAUDE, V-12 B-MESH BERRY GOLD YELLOW and the V-10 EXTRA WHITE but ultimately I went for the V-10 EXTRA WHITE PEKIN EMERAUDE. The V-10 style was brought out in 2016 for their 10th Anniversary and is the perfect smart trainer that isn’t too clunky. The green and red detailing on these gives the perfect pop of color without being too fussy.

I tried to get my boyfriend to take some funky pics of me wearing them on their first outing (just a short walk through a local park just in case of rubbing) but he wasn’t feeling it so here are a couple of little snaps I managed to take along the way .

All in all I am super impressed! The sales ladies promise that they will ‘mould to my feet in a few hours’ was true and I am loving everything about them so far – and aren’t they just beautiful? Would definitely recommend to a friend (or anyone else for that matter)

E x

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