So here’s a fresh start for my blog, after months of sitting dormant with just a few posts I’ve decided to get it back up and running to give myself a creative outlet to focus on and somewhere to chat about everything that I get up to (even if only to myself).

I hope you enjoy reading all my little rants, discussions, recommendations and tid-bits that are to come, in the meantime here’s a little run down on me, what I do and where i’m at in life.

So i’m 21, I work full time in Marketing & Administration, I do love my job but try to make sure I have other bits and bobs going on in my life so it doesn’t become the only thing I do – being bored is my worst nightmare and I really do struggle to say no.

Outside of my 9-5 (well 8.30-5.30) you can often find me in my PJ’s getting stuck into a good book, eating copious amounts of thai food, crocheting in front of the fire or out exploring the cliffs of the small island that I call home. I also love trying out new recipes, spending time at the gym and doing volunteer work with local charities.

All in all I live a pretty varied and balanced life and I am really grateful for all the experiences I get to have and would love to share them 🙂 

So stay tuned for some exciting posts to come and make sure to follow me on my social media accounts linked below for updates!

E  x

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